Welcome to EPROH !

Important Update April 2:

There will be a video-conference on Friday April 3 from 2pm to 5 pm as follow:

2-3pm= Business meeting
3-5pm = EPROH Presentation
All the registered guests are invited to follow this video conference, using zoom:


Depending on your area, dial
+33 1 7037 2246 France
Or +33 1 7037 9729 France
Or +33 7 5678 4048 France
+1 669 900 6833 USA (San Jose)
Or +1 929 205 6099 USA (New York)

followed by the meeting ID : 226 730 907

For other areas, please look at: https://clicktime.symantec.com/3SzSrVDPeR3REd64KbqCtfv6H2?u=https%3A%2F%2Fzoom.us%2Fu%2FaFiWL2jX0


Those who have paid the registration fees are elligible for refund. Please send an IBAN to both email adress:  info.eproh@gmail.com, info@eproh.org.

Important Update March 5:

We are sorry to confirm that the EPROH symposium has been cancelled.
This two days workshop has been cancelled due to the constraints related to CoVid-19, as some countries already set up travel restrictions, that the epidemic is growing, and that OH practitioners will be busy at taking care of the workers in their environment, and will not go at risk to a meeting.
In parallel, the JAMU conference that took place at the same time on the same premises is postponed to Septembre 14 and 15.

Emails have been sent to all participants to inform on the cancellation and on the reimbursement.

Important Update March 11, Web meeting :

A web meeting will take place on Friday April 3, to replace the EPROH symposium. The web meeting will be reduced to 3 hours, with the following schedule:

2-3pm= Business meeting
3-5pm = EPROH Presentations

You may access this webmeeting with the following link: https://zoom.us/j/226730907

You have received acces codes by mail. If not, please send a mail and we will be happy to send back these codes again.

The partnership includes ICOH on the international side, and SFMTU (Societé Francaise de Médecine du Travail et d’Urgence), SMTOIF (Societé de Médecine du Travail de l’Ouest de l’Ile-de France) and GIT (Groupement des Infirmières du travail) on the French side.

EPROH scientific committee (emergency preparedness and response in occupational health) was created at the ICOH Congress in 2015. It aims at establishing a network for occupational practitioners interested in developing research, teaching, training and practicing in emergency response in workplaces.

See current triennum actions 2018-2021

See past triennum actions 2015-2018

See prelimInary actions before 2015

Why EPROH ?  A close cooperation between emergency and occupational specialists will help improving emergency care in workplaces and reducing the gap between knowledge and action. A position statement paper on emergency preparedness and response in occupational health has been published so far (Download position statement here). The first symposium during the Triennium 2015-2018 has been held in  2016 in Vienna, on Sunday October 2  as a joint session with the European Society of Emergency Medicine at EUSEM conference (http://www.eusemcongress.org/en/). EPROH met again at the ICOH congress in DUBLIN 2018.