Welcome to EPROH !

Emergencies @ the workplace, will be an EPROH workshop that will take place in the Paris area on Thursday 2 and Friday 3 April 2020 at « Le beffroi de Montrouge »,  a fabulous Art Déco 1930 congress facility.
A two days workshop including plenary sessions shared with the 32nd etition of JAMU congress, special EPROH sessions, oral communications, posters display and a social program.

Download the updated programe here

The partnership includes ICOH on the international side, and SFMTU (Societé Francaise de Médecine du Travail et d’Urgence), SMTOIF (Societé de Médecine du Travail de l’Ouest de l’Ile-de France) and GIT (Groupement des Infirmières du travail) on the French side.

EPROH scientific committee (emergency preparedness and response in occupational health) was created at the ICOH Congress in 2015. It aims at establishing a network for occupational practitioners interested in developing research, teaching, training and practicing in emergency response in workplaces.

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Why EPROH ?  A close cooperation between emergency and occupational specialists will help improving emergency care in workplaces and reducing the gap between knowledge and action. A position statement paper on emergency preparedness and response in occupational health has been published so far (Download position statement here). The first symposium during the Triennium 2015-2018 has been held in  2016 in Vienna, on Sunday October 2  as a joint session with the European Society of Emergency Medicine at EUSEM conference (http://www.eusemcongress.org/en/). EPROH met again at the ICOH congress in DUBLIN 2018.